Meet Terri Mello,Owner

"The Brisket Girl"

I started catering events over 25 years ago. It started out as a part time business preparing food and additional service for family and friends. I grew up in the midst of good cooks, florists and cake decoraters. Being a way of life, it was easy to step into the shoes of those that I learned from. My passion for this business has grown over the years as well as my clientele.

Kayla Johnson, Co-Owner & Dessert Coordinator


"We are very cognizant of their budget-limits and will setup a menu that reflects that. We want to create a wonderful meal that is economically feasible. Allowing our clients to pick their own menu helps us to cater to their needs. We honor family tradition- so if you have a favorite recipe or one past down, we will work to include that in the menu. We want you to remember this event in taste as well as your other senses!"